I started this blog in response to a conversation with Ted Stevenot during a blogging class that he and Chris Littleton taught sponsored by American Majority.  He asked how I got my news everyday.  I described my method where early in the day I would scrub any of over 30 web sites and load my browser tabs with all the web articles that interested me.  Before the day was over I would read or skim each of the articles.  The next day I would start over.  His response was “blog it!” So here it is for what it is worth.  I enjoy it and it gave me a place to comment on the news as well.

I do not advertise this site but if you find me on the web, I hope you find this a worthwhile read.  Regardless, I ask that you engage with all forms of news because the world of news is changing for both much better and much worse.  The future is in citizen journalism at the local level.  Professional journalism at all levels is undergoing a titanic shift.  We must embrace all of it to allow the best to grow in a true free market for news.  This is a good thing!

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