12 November 2013

Matt Mayer is a true Ohio conservative hero – one very smart man – SEIU is not a union – It is an arm of the socialist left that plans to
create a socialist state with SEIU as the political (& physical)
muscle -Common Core battle in Ohio is heating up – HB 237 to get rid of Common
Core in Ohio is getting a second hearing a We ALL need to show up!! – Clermont County is the strongest Tea Party group I know. – They swept
the election for school board. – The local leftist website has decided
to bash them, go figure!! – One million lose their insurance in California alone!! – Without a moral compass, we will not make good decisions – Immigration is the next big fiasco – 55% want Obamacare to be repealed  – I have my 1791 email address. Do you? – Crony capitalism is the disease that must be eradicated to restore
faith in federal politics –

The black community has an issue with critical thinking and staying
loyal to Pres. Obama —

This rally is a concern to me in terms of an instrument for change. It
will not likely change the dynamic other than to rile up emotions and
feed the media engine that denigrates freedom loving people who
support limited government – I personally support local efforts not
emotionally charged national events. —

Matt Mayer is a true Ohio conservative hero – one very smart man – 5
part video–

#1 — http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=htFZq27JSEY

#2 — http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g9eu7iiM86Q

#3 — http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TUjNxfXp08c

#4 — http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0-VE-cbA8pQ

#5 —http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MjtBBgNwMhI&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DMjtBBgNwMhI

SEIU is not a union – It is an arm of the socialist left that plans to
create a socialist state with SEIU as the political (& physical)
muscle – This action has to be stopped
— http://mediatrackers.org/ohio/2013/11/08/healthy-ohioans-work-campaigns-ensure-medicaid-expansion-forever
— http://mediatrackers.org/assets/uploads/2013/11/healthy-ohioans-work-FAQ-2013-11-08.pdf
— http://mediatrackers.org/ohio/2013/10/08/8-months-columbus-dispatch-cheerleading-medicaid-expansion
— http://mediatrackers.org/ohio/2013/10/23/1851-center-sues-kasich-administration-ohio-controlling-board

Common Core battle in Ohio is heating up – HB 237 to get rid of Common
Core in Ohio is getting a second hearing a We ALL need to show up!!
— http://educationfreedomohio.org/2013/11/11/ohios-hb-237-gets-second-hearing/
More common core info —

Clermont County is the strongest Tea Party group I know. – They swept
the election for school board. – The local leftist website has decided
to bash them, go figure!! —

The Amash campaign for the House will become the battle of the K
Street are publications against the combined forces of conservatives &
libertarians. This could become the catalyst that unites the liberty
wing of the Republican Party. This will be monumental!! —

I need to research “Teach for America”, the Ohio leftist website is
attacking so it must have something going for itself —

Great twitter thread from Twitchy – Twitter post by post is hard to
follow, but Twitchy puts it together into a conversation we can’t
possibly follow on our own!! —

The politics of Obamacare is heating up —

Nullification of unconstitutional federal overreach is getting hotter
every day- the target now is the NSA and it’s domestic surveillance
program! — http://benswann.com/breaking-national-think-tank-launches-attack-on-nsa-the-secret-to-killing-it-water/#ixzz2kMuPbhOY

One million lose their insurance in California alone!! —

Without a moral compass, we will not make good decisions —

39% approval rating & falling —

Surveillance of citizens continues to expand —

I was willing to learn from this article until I saw Rev. Wallis’ name
involved — http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/nov/12/immigration-activists-begin-hunger-fast-to-demand-/

Immigration is the next big fiasco

9% congressional approval – WOW – How do you restore the faith needed
to move forward as a country? —

Democrats are feelng the political pain of Obamacare

Hillary Clinton is about to feel the heat from the American Left in
the primary —

The new Underground Railroad serving the slaves of today’s world — from sex trafficking —http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/11/12/the-powerful-way-you-can-get-involved-in-ending-child-sex-trafficking/

The end of Christianity? —

What fools these men were to flaunt their open carry privileges!! —

A veterans story —

The Limbaugh Theorem – Obama sets himself up as an outsider even inside
his own administration where other bad forces keep him from getting
his goals accomplished —

S.1663, Write the Laws Act, S.1664, One Subject at a Time Act and
S.1665, Read the Bills Act – Bills introduced by Senn Rand Paul —
“Imposed upon the people of the United States excessively long bills,
largely written by an unelected bureaucracy, resulting in generally
incomprehensible, cumbersome, oppressive, and burdensome laws,
containing hidden provisions for special interests,” —

Who is Chris Christie and what do Tea Party people think of him? —

I have my 1791 email address. Do you? —

Dr Ben Carson- You have to like this guy’s willingness to take a
stand. — http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/11/12/ben-carson-calls-congressional-black-caucus-refusal-to-allow-white-members-racist/

Immigration policy in the USA will not be accepted without strong
border security & the required enforcement to go with it.  —

I will never understand the politics of open borders. It seems that so
many people use words and peoples viewpoints in strange ways. —

Is he correct? My observations would force me to agree with his
primary position. democrats today are NOT for freedom and the
individual as I have come to know it. —

Republican candidates must be strong for the party platform. —

No surprise here – remaking the courts is like gerrymandering of
congressional districts. It is part of the democratic process of a
representational democracy —

55% want Obamacare to be repealed —

The Clintons are playing politics again, but is repeal a possibility
in today’s senate? 45 republicans + 15 democratic senators up for
relection = 60 – a veto proof number!! —

The battle over the courts is heating up —

Sarah Palin is out making the circuit! —

The Republican Party is doomed if they don’t start messaging in a way
that doesn’t condemn everyone to their own seperate corner to be
villified by the media. —

Crony capitalism is the disease that must be eradicated to restore
faith in federal politics —

Sad – Very sad! —

Mental health services to reduce gun violence?? – What a stab in the
dark this is! —

Her name is now synonymous with corruption —

Obamacare passed only through deception and political coercion within
one party (or each party — —

Employer neutrality agreements – Never heard of this issue –
intersting read —

The whole concept of Bitcoin is fascinating!! —

Intersting analysis of parts of Adam Smith’s theories —

Some liberty theory —

The government does NOT have to be involved in R&D to make progress
occur – In some views, it gets in the way! —

More info about Bitcoin —


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