11 October 2013

Shutdown Day #11 – A bit behind the eight ball today!!

11 Oct 2013

McLean Youth Lacrosse beats government shutdown in court; Langley Fork Park reopens – The Washington Post

Utah, Colorado parks to reopen amid shutdown; Arizona still waiting – Washington Times

House GOP Blinks: Will Lift Debt AND Reopen Government

Government shutdown update: D.C. moving toward fiscal deal despite bumps – POLITICO.com

McCain: ‘Never Get Personal’ in Politics

McCain: ‘Never Get Personal’ in Politics

155 White House meetings involved key IRS scandal figures | The Daily Caller

Hannity: Boehner Must Be Replaced

Sources: Ryan Compromise Will Keep Obamacare ‘Forever’

McCain: Cruz ‘Not Representing Us’

Tea Party Patriots: Paul Ryan ‘Losing His Focus’ on Obamacare

Left-wing Politifact to Target Pundits, Media Figures

Ted Cruz Calls Out ‘President Obama’s Paid Political Operatives’

McCain Blames Cruz, Conservatives for Obama Mishandling Death Benefits

Larry Elder Shows Why Public Distrusts Media

CNN’s SE Cupp Rips Own Network Over ‘Anti-Gay’ GOP Smear

Stop the Debt Ceiling Scare Tactics

World View: France’s Anti-Muslim Anti-Immigrant Surges in Polls

Turkish PM: ‘Mr. Obama Should Be Supported’ on Healthcare Law

GOP Rival Lonegan to Cory Booker: Newark ‘Big Black Hole’ Full of Corpses

Ted Cruz Was Heckled Repeatedly at the Values Voter Summit — Here’s How He Turned the Tables on His Haters | Video | TheBlaze.com

Sen. Tim Scott: Common Core Is a Threat to Education | TheBlaze.com

See Marco Rubio’s Comments on Jesus That Made the Crowd Erupt | Video | TheBlaze.com

Is Closing Monuments More Expensive Than Leaving Them Open? Obama Admin. Isn’t Saying | TheBlaze.com

Glenn Beck Invites Anyone & Everyone to Come Pick Up Trash With Him in Washington, D.C. | TheBlaze.com

In Praise of Partisan Media – Reason.com

Breaching Debt Ceiling Will “Not Be a Catastrophe,” Says Nobel Prize-Winning Economist, and May Have an Upside – Hit & Run : Reason.com

The Morning After America’s Debt Binge – Reason.com

The Morning After America’s Debt Binge – Reason.com

3 Reasons We Need a Dirty Deal on the Debt Ceiling – Reason.com

The Twilight of Mayor Bloomberg’s Billionaires? | The Nation

Can Billionaire Philanthropists Replace the Federal Government? | The Nation

A Grim Report on Press Freedoms Under Obama | The Nation

Shutdown Politics: Support for Democratic Takeover of House Spikes | The Nation

House GOP Scrambling To Get Deal Done Before Senate Swoops In

What Can You Believe About ‘Obamacare’? | Linda Bergthold

Poll: Just 25 Percent Think Their Own Member Of Congress Deserves Reelection

Pity the Values Voter Summit | Paul Brandeis Raushenbush

MSNBC’s New Website Is Network’s ‘First True Digital Home’

Stop the Shutdown, Prevent Economic Meltdown | Marian Wright Edelman

The Tea Party Republicans’ Biggest Mistake: Confusing Government With Our System of Government | Robert Reich

Government shutdown update: D.C. moving toward fiscal deal despite bumps – POLITICO.com

Ted Cruz confronts President Obama at White House – Burgess Everett – POLITICO.com

The year the government broke – Todd S. Purdum – POLITICO.com

Ben Carson compares Obamacare to slavery – Katie Glueck – POLITICO.com

Ted Cruz: Hecklers are Obama operatives – Katie Glueck – POLITICO.com

House-Senate farm bill talks OK’d – David Rogers – POLITICO.com

Opinion: Obama’s crisis of credibility – Keith Koffler – POLITICO.com

Trucker protest a bust – Kevin Robillard – POLITICO.com

Glenn Beck, Mike Lee to ‘clean up’ D.C. memorials – Lucy McCalmont – POLITICO.com

Libertarian excluded from Virginia gubernatorial debate – James Hohmann – POLITICO.com

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