10 October 2013

Shutdown Day 10 —  OMG Too much news to cover – I’m getting a headache!  I swear the wolves are coming out for dinner.  The USA is distracted – Get ready for something to happen somewhere!! — Volunteer lawn mower man cuts grass at the memorial & picks up trash – Give that man a medal and a cold beer He deserves it for taking charge of his world as he see it!! – Rep Jim Jordan from down the road here in Ohio gets testy with IRS rep – Go Jim Go!!! — Default hysteria abounds – Would someone explain how the debt payment is only 8% of the current inflow of tax money – We should NEVER default. – EVER.

Is Union Front Group “We Are Ohio” Breaking State Elections Law?
Wait Until You Hear What $40K Contract the Gov’t Just Awarded During the Shutdown | TheBlaze.com
Guy Benson on FoxNews – Are We Becoming a Meaner Nation? – YouTube
Nancy Pelosi Confronted at Illegal Immigration Rally by Filmmaker | Independent Journal Review
Politics: Sweet video: Regular citizens enter national parks and dare Obama’s goons to catch them | Best of Cain
Super-rally against president in works
Democrats Object to and Block Sen. Paul’s Efforts to Reopen the Federal Government Rand Paul | United States Senator
Save Our Parks! How to Keep National Parks Open During a Government Shutdown | LearnLiberty – YouTube
A picture is worth 1,000 words: Maintaining some lawn & order in D.C. (Updated) | TheBlaze.com
Exclusive: NSA Using Copyright Claims To Crush Free Speech? | Ben Swann Truth In Media
The Catholic Campaign for Human Development – YouTube
Insane Tourists Blatantly Defying The U.S. Government’s Demands
Radio host Dana Loesch to TheBlaze – Mackenzie Weinger – POLITICO.com
Ben Swann Interviewed on RT America | Ben Swann Truth In Media
Obama’s “Nonprofit Group” Would Like You To Know That The Tea Party Has Shut Down The Government – Chicks on the Right – Chicks on the Right
Duck Dynasty Star: It’s the Year of Our Lord, Not Allah or Mohammed (VIDEO) |
Glenn: What rights do you have? And who gives them to you? – Glenn Beck
Politics: Sebelius on Daily Show: Oh yeah, single payer would have been better, but people are crazy out there | Best of Cain
Obama’s panic button still not working
Columbus Dispatch Devotes 8 Months to Medicaid Expansion Advocacy
Mitch McConnell further alienates grassroots conservatives | United Liberty | Free Market – Individual Liberty – Limited Government
Democrats to America: We own the government!
Lexington: Cruz missile | The Economist
Civilization Jihad Is the New Threat Posed by Muslim Brotherhood Inside America, Terrorism Experts Say | TheBlaze.com
GOP Congressman Decimates Andrea Mitchell and Slams ‘Pathetic News Reporting’ | NewsBusters
Megyn Kelly | The Kelly File | Fox News
Surprise Analysis: All 50 States Are Actually Shifting Toward Conservatism? | TheBlaze.com
All Socialism Involves Slavery | Libertarianism.org
Stotsky Calls For Abolishment of Florida DOE | Truth in American Education
Colbert King: The tea party resurrects the spirit of the Old Confederacy – The Washington Post
NetRight DailyAnd now a word from our founders » NetRight Daily
Congressman Dave Joyce May Face Primary From Ohio House Member
Fired-Up GOP Rep. Dresses Down Top IRS Official at Center of ‘Two of the Biggest Issues This Country Has Dealt With in Recent History’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
You May Be Stunned to Find Out Who Students at Liberal University Blame for Gov’t Shutdown | Video | TheBlaze.com
Meet the Man Running Against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky | TheBlaze.com
Inarticulate Republicans by Thomas Sowell on Creators.com – A Syndicate Of Talent
News from The Associated Press
House GOP pushes plan to raise debt ceiling; Jack Lew warns against default – The Washington Post
News from The Associated Press
First Amendment used to break Park Service barriers during shutdown – Washington Times
Obama Administration’s Rubber-Stamping of Citizenship Requests Puts National Security At Risk, Immigration Services Union President Says | TheBlaze.com
Read the Powerful Op-Ed From Israel Debunking an Ugly Claim About Glenn Beck: ‘We Are With You, You Are Not Alone’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Obama Kidnapped America | TheBlaze.com
GOP Ready to Deal on Debt, Keep Gov Closed
CA Only State to Expand Access to Abortions in 2013
ABC News Political Director Calls for Market Panic to Budge Republicans
Today Show Hosts Struggle to Think of Examples of American Exceptionalism
NYT Attempts to Smear Kochs with False Narrative on Obamacare Defunding
CNN’s Tapper ‘I Haven’t Heard Republicans Comparing Democrats to Suicide Bombers or Kidnappers’
Fight Isn’t About a Ceiling, It’s About the Debt
Rep: Meaning of Words Have Changed Under Obama Admin
Matt Welch Talks Shut Down Economics with CNN’s Piers Morgan – Reason.com
The Scientific Case for Decriminalization – Reason.com
America the Lawless – Reason.com
Obamacare vs. Medicare Part D – Hit & Run : Reason.com
The Republican Revolution of 2013 – The Week
When You’ve Lost Wolf Blitzer . . . | National Review Online
David Malpass: The Bigger Battle Behind the Shutdown – WSJ.com
George F. Will: When liberals became scolds – The Washington Post
What kind of fear does a VIX surge indicate? – The Tell – MarketWatch
Now it’s time to begin to worry – MarketWatch
Is red state America seceding?
Don’t Listen to the Media: The Shutdown Is Killing ObamaCare
Taiwan Says China Could Defeat U.S. Allies, Launch Invasion by 2020
More Saudi Women Defy Driving Ban
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Slapped for Stepping Off ObamaCare Narrative Plantation
Memo to GOP from the Grassroots: Stand Your Ground
The Ted Cruz, Van Jones Face-Off You’ve Been Waiting for: ‘Van, I Know You Desperately Want to Change the Topic From Obamacare…’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Rumor Check: Obamacare Website Might Be Glitchy, But It Didn’t Cost $634 Million | TheBlaze.com
White House and GOP Fail to Reach Agreement on Debt Limit Plan (Updated) | TheBlaze.com
Harry Reid Gets Called Out by the Sole Black U.S. Senator Over Racially Charged Jab at GOP | TheBlaze.com
More Democrats Call on Obama to Ignore Congress on Debt, Invoke 14th Amendment | Video | TheBlaze.com
Why Rush Limbaugh Fears the GOP Is About to ‘Snatch Defeat From the Jaws of Victory’ | TheBlaze.com
Glenn Beck Breaks Down Dismal Republican Poll Ratings: ‘This Is Why the GOP Is Losing’ | TheBlaze.com
Any Debt Deal Should Be As Dirty as Possible – Reason.com
The Age of Easy Leaks – Reason.com
Proponents of Raising the Debt Ceiling Want To Bankrupt Your Kids – Hit & Run : Reason.com
Thinking Like a Conservative (Part One): Mass Shootings and Gun Control | The Nation
Thinking Like a Conservative (Part Two): Biding Time on Voting Rights | The Nation
Thinking Like a Conservative (Part Three): On Shutting Down Government | The Nation
Thinking Like a Conservative (Part Four): Goalpost-Moving | The Nation
Hacking for Immigrant Rights | The Nation
The Twilight of Mayor Bloomberg’s Billionaires? | The Nation
Nebraska Senate Candidate Calls for Repealing the ‘Obamacare Worldview’ | The Weekly Standard
The Incumbent’s Dilemma | The Weekly Standard
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