9 October 2013

Shutdown Day #9 –

Tensions Ratchet Up in Debt Battle – WSJ.com

Eric Cantor: Divided government requires bipartisan negotiation – The Washington Post

Reid wants to hike debt limit by $1T (Video) – The Hill’s On The Money

Janet Yellen to be named Fed chair on Wednesday: White House

News from The Associated Press

Signs say National Mall closed, but immigration reform rally is a go | WashingtonExaminer.com

Alaska slams feds for keeping hunters off land – Washington Times

Corporation for Public Broadcasting got $445 million on first day of government slimdown; calls funding ‘indispensible’ | Fox News

Norquist: Cruz Must ‘Apologize’ to Republicans for Defunding Strategy

Dem Congressmen, Amnesty Activists Arrested in Immigration Protest

Canadian Muslims Protest ‘Honor Killing’ Label as Racist

The Obamacare Religious Exemption You Didn’t Expect

Pro-Amnesty Forces Rally on National Mall

Obama Presser: Journalists Rip White House Press Corps as ‘Pathetic’

VA Poll: Cuccinelli Trails McAuliffe While E.W. Jackson Leads Lt. Gov. Race

Obama: ‘We Can’t Make Extortion’ Part Of ‘Our Democracy’

Arizona to Require Proof of Citizenship in Statewide Elections

Momentum Building Against Lindsey Graham in SC GOP Primary

Recall Launched for Another Colorado Dem Who Supported Gun Control

House GOP Leader Floats Tax Hike in Spending, Debt Deal

Sen. Sessions: Democrats Fear Tea Party After 2010

Americans’ Tax Dollars Used to Pay Rangers to Keep Private Business Closed

Eight Members of Congress Arrested During D.C. Immigration Rally | Video | TheBlaze.com

Conservatives Upset Obama Not Asked Single Question About Glitchy Obamacare Rollout – and This NBC News Reporter Thinks He Knows Why | Video | TheBlaze.com

Here’s How the Owner of a Private Inn Barricaded by Park Rangers Amid ‘Government Shutdown’ Is Responding | TheBlaze.com

The Guys Who Grabbed Six Semiautomatic Rifles From a Competitive Shooter’s Home May Not Have Expected a Security Camera That Does This | Video | TheBlaze.com

President Obama Admits Real Reason Why He’s Been Rejecting GOP Funding Bills | Video | TheBlaze.com

Restaurant Owner Takes Seriously Bold Stand Against the Federal Gov’t: ‘If That Gets Me Put in Jail, I’m Going to Jail’ | TheBlaze.com

Ark. School District Responds to Controversial Bill of Rights Assignment and Explains How It Lines Up With Common Core Standards | TheBlaze.com

Kathleen Sebelius’ Interview With Jon Stewart Didn’t Go So Well | Video | TheBlaze.com

Personal Obamacare Data in Maryland Can Be Used for ‘Law Enforcement and Audit Activities’? | TheBlaze.com

Are You Really Getting 16 Ounces in Your Pint-Sized Beer Glass? One State Wants to Make Sure | TheBlaze.com

Did the Gingrich/Clinton Shutdown Lead to the GOP’s Libertarian Purge? – Reason.com

Obama Administration Opts To Use Navy Ships, Not Secret Prisons, For Interrogations – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Like Jon Stewart, Joe Lhota Aids the Tea Party ‘Crazies’ on Obamacare | The Nation

Racism and Cruelty: What’s Behind the GOP’s Healthcare Agenda? | The Nation

Democracy Alliance, Network Of Rich Liberal Donors, Signals Shift Away From Partisan Political Activity

John Boehner On Debt Ceiling: Not Threatening Default Would Be ‘Unconditional Surrender’

The Surreal Logic Of The Debt Ceiling Deniers

Krugtron the Invincible, Part 2 | Niall Ferguson

Million Dollar Contributions Corrupt Democracy | Spencer Overton

Sustainable Business: Where Our Moral Compass Meets the Bottom Line | Paul Polman

Milton Wolf To Challenge Pat Roberts For U.S. Senate Seat

Ron Johnson: Government Shutdown ‘Probably Wasn’t The Best Strategy’

The Supreme Court’s Conflicting Approach to Federal and State Regulation of Elections | Joshua A. Douglas

The Moment I Knew: We Have a Focus Problem | Dan Goleman

John Boehner’s endgame – John Bresnahan and John F. Harris – POLITICO.com

GOP unity frays, frustration builds – Jake Sherman – POLITICO.com

Liberals talk ‘nuclear option’ on debt hike – Manu Raju and Burgess Everett – POLITICO.com

John Cornyn avoids tea party challenge – Katie Glueck – POLITICO.com

Chris Christie makes point on Obamacare – Elizabeth Titus – POLITICO.com

Once you get into ACA website, it’s hard to get out – Jason Millman and Kyle Cheney – POLITICO.com

Truckers’ protest: Convoy or con? – Kevin Robillard – POLITICO.com

Bobby Jindal SOS: Take back GOP from D.C. – Tal Kopan – POLITICO.com

Our Peevish President | National Review Online

Obamacare and the Ratchet-Effect Myth | National Review Online

Beware the Pivot to a ‘Grand Bargain’ | National Review Online

What Good Can Come of the Shutdown? | National Review Online

Obama’s Broken Promise | National Review Online

Obamacare’s Real Glitch | National Review Online

Our Hobbesian Left | National Review Online

Taxpayers Revolt Against Park Closures | National Review Online

Krauthammer’s Take: Obama is Scared of the Debt Ceiling | National Review Online

Seniors Held Under Armed Guard Last Week at Yellowstone National Park | National Review Online

Boehner: Democrats Want to ‘Annihilate Us’ | National Review Online

Our Partisan Bureaucracy and the End of the Civil Service | National Review Online

Obama’s Solomonic Riddle | RealClearPolitics

The Strange Shutdown – Peggy Noonan’s Blog – WSJ

U.S. Fringe Festival – NYTimes.com

The uncompromiser in chief – latimes.com

The Federal Government Can’t, and Won’t, Default on Its Debt Obligations | Power Line

Obama’s Nomination Of Janet Yellen Is A Blow To Recovery-Starved Americans – Forbes

Shutdown Fever: Is the House in Play Now? | Rothenblog

Occupy America! Park Visitors Storm the Barrycades | RealClearPolitics

President Obama’s Tea Party Cousin to Challenge GOP Senator in Kansas

Janet Yellen, a Backer of Pushing the Fed’s Policy Boundaries – WSJ.com

Super-rally against president in works

Yes, feds can take your deposits

Titanic Obamacare hits iceberg of reality

‘Gestapo tactics’ trap Americans at Yellowstone

Default a threat to nation’s credit. Not!

Illegals on National Mall ‘major double standard’

Committee Reveals Widespread Disability Scheme | Washington Free Beacon

Center for American Progress Staffer Email May Violate Nonprofit Rules | Washington Free Beacon

Rejoice: the Yellen Fed will print money forever to create jobs – Telegraph Blogs

Regulation will be imposed on press as politicians reject self-regulation – Telegraph

This is the Strategy. Now Do It. | RedState

Shame on Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. He Lied to Bill O’Reilly. | RedState

The 10 Most Ridiculous Entries on HuffPo’s ‘Shutdown Trickle-Down’ List | RedState

Obama’s Debt Ceiling Mendacity | RedState

The Little Eichmanns of the Government Shutdown | RedState

Take THAT America! | RedState

Don’t Expect Much Privacy for Your Electronic Medical Records | RedState

How the GOP’s Kamikaze Club Hijacked John Boehner | Mother Jones

Sound Farm Bill: Separate Agriculture Policy and Food Stamps

I Want to Take Care of My Patients | Doctor Tim Shepherd

National Debt and the Founding Fathers

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: The Problem is the Constitution – Michael Schaus – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary – Page 1

GOP Civil War: A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand – Ralph Benko – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary – Page 1

The Hidden Opportunity in the Federal Shutdown – Rachel Marsden – Page 1

In Shutdown, More at Stake Than Just Health Care – Edward Lindsey – Page 1

Obama’s Debt Ceiling Mendacity | RedState

Obamacare and the Thermocline of Truth : And Still I Persist…

Government Shuts Down, Nobody Notices | United Liberty | Free Market – Individual Liberty – Limited Government

Review & Outlook: Obamacaid – WSJ.com

Are You Buying What Obama Is Selling in Obamacare?

Democrat’s Shocking Secret Weapon for 2014 – The Free Patriot

Rob Portman: A senator for all or no seasons

Politics: Tragedy: Life for federal employees not quite as awesome as it used to be | Best of Cain

Close Washington to Dismantle the Welfare-Warfare State | Cato @ Liberty

The Supreme Court’s New Term Could Be One Of The Most Historic In Years : Personal Liberty™

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