7 October 2013

Shutdown Day 7 – Fearmongering; Civil disobedience on the rise; Bring on the debt limit dooms day talk;  DOD civilians get back to work (with no pay – just a “promise”); Military priests forbidden to give mass – Get real!!; 17% of government shutdown; Freedom Fiends – Yep that’s me!;  CA Trust Act – The whole state is a sanctuary state – Nullification abounds; OFFICIAL TRAILER v2: “WE RIDE TO DC” I can’t wait.

Can You Feel the Fear in DC? Now Let’s Increase It. – Kurt Schlichter – Page 1
Top 10 myths on the federal health law | www.daytondailynews.com
Civil Disobedience Starts as Citizens Storm ‘Barrycades’ – John Ransom – Townhall Finance 
Let’s Ensure A Productive Future For America’s Youth – Austin Hill – Page 1
Make-Believe Debt Limit Hysteria from the Political Establishment – Daniel J. Mitchelll
Another Pretend Government Shutdown – Rachel Alexander – Page 1
A Battle Worth Fighting – Rich Galen – Page 1
Absurd: Military Priests Not Permitted to Celebrate Mass Due to Shutdown
Study: Taxpayer-Funded Charter Schools Cost Less than Public Schools
Obamacare or the Debt Ceiling
White House, Democratic Senate shuts down government’s AMBER Alert child-abduction site.
Government Shutdown Gives Union-Free America Temporary Reprieve From Union Assaults 
Are Illinois politicians beyond redemption? 
Sticker Shock: Californians suddenly discover why all the Republican shouting over #Obamacare.
The Insidious, Hidden Nature Of Theft By Government : Personal Liberty™
NYT: Racist Southern Republican Governors To Blame For Uninsured Poor Blacks, Single Moms : Personal Liberty™
Where’s sense of crisis in a 17% government shutdown? | WashingtonExaminer.com
NYT reporter: Obama admin “most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered” « Hot Air
ATF tries to block whistleblowing agent’s Fast and Furious book – Washington Times
Careful what you tweet: Police, schools tap social media to track behavior – NBC News.com
CNN: Journalism Students Get News From CBS, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, NYT and Jon Stewart |
Media Matters Tries to Torpedo Reporter’s Matthew Shepard Book
Spite House: Amber Alerts Shut Off, Let’s Move Still Up and Running
Supreme Court Prepares for a Year of Big Cases
George Will: National Park Service Acting Like an Arm of the DNC
Republicans Do Have a Strategy–Even If They Had to Stumble on It
Boehner: Reid Wants ‘Complete’ GOP Surrender
Jenna Bush Proclaims She’s ‘Related’ to Hillary Through ‘Uncle Bill’
Jerry Brown Signs Bill Making CA Sanctuary State for Most Illegals
Maher Mocks WWII Vets: ‘Nobody Said They Were the Brightest Generation’
Salma Hayek Warns Amnesty Opponents Cost of Food Would Increase ‘If We All Left’
Democrats Can’t Name ONE Republican Who Backs Default
Cruz: Nasty, Partisan Jabs Mean We’re Winning
California’s ‘Trust Act’ Defies Feds on Immigration
George Clooney: Sen. Ted Cruz Makes Me ‘Panic’
New York Times/NBC: Breitbart News a Leader in New Media Revolution
NYT Tells Only Half the Story of Shutdown
House Unanimously Gives Feds More Paid Vacation
Pentagon Will Order 90% of Employees Back to Work Next Week
Report: Illegal Immigrant ‘Dreamers’ Could Become ‘New Social Class’
Creepy Cat Robot Can Run 16 MPH
Fox News’ Chris Wallace Rips Into Treasury Secretary Jack Lew: ‘Your History Is Wrong,’ Obama’s Refusal to Negotiate Is ‘Unprecedented’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
New Rule: Off-Duty Police Officers Better Think Twice Before Deciding to Carry a Gun to Any NFL Game | TheBlaze.com
The Creekview Grizzlies Football Players May Only Be 6-7 Years Old, But They Just Did Something That Brought All the Grown Ups to Tears | Video | TheBlaze.com
AMBER Alert Website Goes Offline Amid Government Shutdown, Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Website Stays Up | TheBlaze.com
Fox News’ Chris Wallace Rips Into Treasury Secretary Jack Lew: ‘Your History Is Wrong,’ Obama’s Refusal to Negotiate Is ‘Unprecedented’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Witness Was on His Way to Church When He Saw Enraged Biker Gang Attacking Family in SUV — What He Did Next Should Inspire Us All | Video | TheBlaze.com
AMBER Alert Website Goes Offline Amid Government Shutdown, Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Website Stays Up | TheBlaze.com
Will Mormons Soon Embrace Gay Marriage? Church Leaders Make LDS Stance Clear | TheBlaze.com
This Might Be the Last Group You’d Expect to Stage a Protest and Defy a Police Crackdown | Video | TheBlaze.com
6-Year-Old Boy Asks Navy Admiral, ‘Who Is Quieter…SEALs or Ninjas?’ (The Admiral’s Answer Might Surprise You) | TheBlaze.com
UN: Destruction of Syrian Chemical Program Is Underway | TheBlaze.com
Kids in California Can Now Have More Than Two Legal Parents | TheBlaze.com
House Passes Bill to Retroactively Pay Federal Workers After Government Shutdown Ends
Feds Reject Offer by Arizona Gov. to Reopen Grand Canyon Using State Funds | TheBlaze.com
Democratic Congressman Slams GOP As Party Of ‘Corporate Shills,’ ‘Religious Fanatics’ & ‘Freedom Fiends’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
Government Shutdown: Congress Is Doing Its Job – Reason.com
UPDATED: Obamacare Poster Boy Chad Henderson and His Dad Didn’t Really Buy Insurance 
Culture of Fear: Miriam Carey’s Tragedy, and Our Own | The Nation
The Democratic Party’s New Insurgents | The Nation
Yes, Federal Workers Are Essential | The Nation
This Week in ‘Nation’ History: Eighty Years of Opposition to Universal and Affordable Healthcare | The Nation
A Visit to the Slums of Alex Rodriguez | The Nation
Murdoch Newspapers Ignore Bill de Blasio’s Lead in Latest NYC Mayoral Race Poll 
Ohio Students Fight Back Against ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws | The Nation
The GOP’s White Southern Republican Problem | The Nation
Boehner: No Debt Deal Without Concessions From Obama
A U.S. Default Seen as Catastrophe Dwarfing Lehman’s Fall – Businessweek
Government Shutdown Continues As Resolution Nowhere In Sight (LATEST UPDATES)
U.S. Political News, Opinion and Analysis – HuffPost Politics
GOP In Grave Danger Of Losing House In 2014, PPP Polls Show
Dennis Ross, GOP Rep: ‘Pride’ Is Why Republicans Won’t Budge On Government Shutdown
John Boehner Claims He Doesn’t Have Votes For Clean Continuing Resolution Bill
Sunday Roundup | Arianna Huffington
What Do Socialists Think of Obamacare? | Michael Smerconish
Ted Cruz Says He Has ‘Not Remotely’ Hurt Republican Image With Shutdown Fight
Savannah Guthrie: Americans Are ‘Disgusted’ By Shutdown ‘Antics’ (VIDEO)
Republicans Discover Government, Promptly Convene ‘Imperial Congress’
Far-Right Republicans Could Hit A Tipping Point As Support Falters
Antonin Scalia’s NYMag Interview Gets Fact-Checked
Shutdowns and the Real World | Mike Lux
The 9 Weirdest Things We Learned From Scalia’s NYMag Interview
After Citizens United, Campaign Finance Reformers Look For A Bold New Approach
The Right Wing’s Winning Argument | Brynn Tannehill
Fox News’ Anna Kooiman Falls For Parody About Obama Funding Muslim Museum
Obamacare showdown in Texas – Jennifer Haberkorn – POLITICO.com
Peter King’s lonely fight vs. ‘Ted Cruz wing’ – Alexander Burns – POLITICO.com
Harry Reid talks tough, ramps up for 2016 – Manu Raju – POLITICO.com
GOP identity crisis plays out in Alabama – Alex Isenstadt – POLITICO.com
Shaun McCutcheon: Campaign spending caps hurt democracy – POLITICO.com
Opinion: Tea partiers can learn from mayors – Stephanie Rawlings-Blake – POLITICO.com
Lower premiums in CO-OP states – Brett Norman – POLITICO.com
Dana Loesch: Not afraid to fire away – Mackenzie Weinger – POLITICO.com
Cruz responds to Obama’s criticism: ‘We’re winning’ – POLITICO.com
Government shutdown 2013: Shutting down wired D.C.? Good luck – POLITICO.com
K Street sidelined in shutdown fight – Anna Palmer – POLITICO.com
Peter King won’t sign discharge petition – POLITICO.com
Combat soldiers no match for black mob …
Shutdown? Tax-paying Americans occupy America
U.S. reliability questioned overseas
Want Obamacare? Brave this insanity first
Government pressured to fund HPV shots for boys
Obamacare exchange: No expectation of privacy’
Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide To The Resistance 
Why agriculture industry hates Chipotle
In God We Trust, all others we search
The shutdown is a good thing
God’s blessings and my bucket list
Pro-Life, Pro-Animal | National Review Online
Happy Birthday, Income Tax! | National Review Online
The 14th Amendment and the Debt Ceiling | National Review Online
Tour Your Shut-down National Parks | National Review Online
Shutdown Simulacrum | National Review Online
The DOJ’s Attack on Vouchers | National Review Online
How to Avoid the Coming Middle-Class Meltdown | National Review Online
Obamacare’s Unconstitutional Origins | National Review Online
Harry Reid’s Bad Week | National Review Online
Slideshows | National Review Online
Obama’s Reckless Default Fear-mongering | National Review Online
NARAL’s Guy | National Review Online
The Sadism of Harry Reid | National Review Online
Rove: Obama Wants to ‘Break the Republicans’
From Senate to Center Stage: Fred Thompson Makes Broadway Debut
Obama’s Reckless Default Fear-Mongering
The US government shutdown is a playground spat that badly damages credibility | Gary Younge | Comment is free | The Guardian
Obamacare or the Debt Ceiling | RedState
Margaret Talbot: Shutting Down Democracy : The New Yorker
Why Obama Must Talk to the GOP – NationalJournal.com
When Wealth Disappears – NYTimes.com
Governing by Blackmail – NYTimes.com
It’s obvious why people don’t trust ObamaCare | New York Post
Shutdown’s roots lie in deeply embedded divisions in America’s politics – The Washington Post
The Self-Inflicted Wounds of Bare-Knuckle Governing | RealClearPolitics
Why Obamacare isn’t ‘settled’ – The Washington Post
Welcome to Ted Cruz’s Thunderdome – NYTimes.com
Tea Party loosens K Street’s stranglehold on the GOP | WashingtonExaminer.com
Wendy Davis and Texas are a problem for Democrats | Harry J Enten
George Will: Supreme Court can rescue another freeom in a campaign cash case 
A liberal nightmare at the Supreme Court? – latimes.com
In Obama’s war on leaks, reporters fight back – The Washington Post
Now Obama Rescues the GOP – Peggy Noonan’s Blog – WSJ
Five myths about House Republicans – The Washington Post
Progressivism as Religion: Dworkin’s Flawed Belief | RealClearPolitics
New Air Force planes parked in Arizona ‘boneyard’ – U.S. – Stripes
Obamacare’s Unconstitutional Origins | National Review Online
Five NYPD Cops Were Involved With Bikers Who Attacked SUV |
‘Duck Dynasty’ Star, “They Told Us To Stop Praying To Jesus So It Wouldn’t Offend Muslims” 
Does China Plan To Establish “China Cities” And “Special Economic Zones” All Over America? 
Ohio Precinct Project
Blue Ridge inn’s act of defiance lasts about 2 hours
China warns US as superpower expresses concern for $1.3tn of investments – Americas – World 
Roll Over Plan: Treasury Needed to Pay Off Record $7.5T in Maturing Debt in FY 2013, Issued $8.3T New Debt; Increased Net Debt $777B | CNS News
Park Service OKs immigration reform rally on ‘closed’ National Mall 
Debt Limit Taking Center Stage in Impasse – WSJ.com
Al Sharpton, ‘PoliticsNation’ Advertisers Targeted in New Boycott – The Daily Beast
The List: Unnecessarily Shut Down by Obama to Inflict Public Pain
Clinton Navigates New Divide in Democratic Party
Craig James: Firing from Fox Sports ‘Wake-up Call’ to All Religious Americans
Government Shovedown? Five for Fighting Rocker Physically Removed from Memorial
Celebrating Alan Dershowitz
Live Blog Shutdown Week 2 Media Enter Bubble Wrapped In Echo Chamber
Obama Advisors: ‘Only Congress Has Authority to Borrow’
Harry Reid Has Taken Over the Democrat Party
When Will the Next U.S. Recession Come? | TheBlaze.com
See the Rant from a Popular Sportscaster During an NFL Pre-Game Show That May Have Helped Get Football Back on for Our Troops | Video | TheBlaze.com
Glenn Beck Set to Reveal Name of Republican Senator Who Allegedly Called FreedomWorks Supporters ‘Traitors’ | TheBlaze.com
Obamacare Supporter: ‘Of Course I Want People to Have Health Care, I Just Didn’t Realize I Would Be the One Who Was Going to Pay for It Personally’ | TheBlaze.com
Veteran New York Times Reporter’s Surprising and Somewhat Alarming Take on the Obama Admin. | TheBlaze.com
Shoplifters Flee Police…but Leave Something Really Important Behind | TheBlaze.com
When Will the Next U.S. Recession Come? | TheBlaze.com
A Conservative Case for Gay Marriage – Reason.com
Hope For a Better Drug Policy: “America’s Longest War” Panel Discussion in NYC 
Healthy Defiance Protects Us From the Control Freak Majority – Reason.com
What Does the Silk Road Seizure Mean for Bitcoin? – Reason.com
Is the Administration Misleading People on Obamacare’s Web Failures, Or Is It Just Incompetent? – Hit & Run : Reason.com
Are Heroic Talkathons a Viable Strategy for Winning Higher Political Office? – Reason.com
The Upside of the Government Shutdown – Reason.com
“You Don’t Need a Medallion to be a Libertarian Taxi” – Hit & Run : Reason.com
How Masters and Johnson Remade Love | The Nation
60 Minutes’ Gets Disability Insurance All Wrong | The Nation
The Hidden Danger in the Supreme Court’s ‘McCutcheon’ Case | The Nation
Many Government Workers Are Expected to Work for Free During the Shutdown | The Nation
Devin Nunes Denies Backing ‘Clean’ Funding Bill To Avert Shutdown, But He Did — And We’ve Got It On Tape
A Plan to Save the Republican Party – By Daniel Altman | Foreign Policy
Cut-Rate Counterterrorism – By Bronwyn Bruton and Paul D. Williams | Foreign Policy
The Dumbest Game of Chicken, Ever – By Daniel W. Drezner | Foreign Policy
Why Many Americans Are Averse to Unironic Expressions of Patriotism – Conor Friedersdorf – 
Republicans Still Have No Idea What They Want – David A. Graham – The Atlantic
Why Republicans Don’t Compromise – Molly Ball – The Atlantic
Why the Government Shutdown Isn’t Anywhere Near Over—in 1 Graph – Derek Thompson 
Republicans Still Have No Idea What They Want – David A. Graham – The Atlantic
George Will: Supreme Court can rescue another freedom in a campaign cash case 
George Will: For GOP in 2016, some medicine – The Washington Post
Ohio Liberty Coalition – Kasich Looks At Expanding Medicaid the Obama Way
The answer to government shutdown is less federal power, not more | United Liberty | Free Market – Individual Liberty – Limited Government
Even The Washington Post Agrees, Obama is a Liar! |
Wait. You Mean Obamacare Isn’t Free???? WHAAAAAA? – Chicks on the Right
Black-on-White Hate Crime in Washington Results in a Dead American Soldier |
Glenn Beck Set to Reveal Name of Republican Senator Who Allegedly Called FreedomWorks Supporters ‘Traitors’ | TheBlaze.com
More evidence that Americans are scary stupid |
Jason Phillips | Progressive Majority
Faith and Freedom: Why Liberty Requires Christianity
Business groups tell EPA to leave fracking regulation to the states | United Liberty | Free Market – Individual Liberty – Limited Government
Liberty Dispatch & News 2103-10-07 | Beavercreek Liberty Group (BLG)
Reality of Obamacare is Doing More for Conservatism than the Consultant Class Ever Has 
The Real Dysfunction: A $17 Trillion National Debt | Cato @ Liberty
Policy Report: September/October 2013 | Cato Institute
The Government (Non) Shutdown | Cato Institute
31st Annual Monetary Conference | Cato Institute
One Missouri Mom’s Fight to Oppose Common Core State Standards | Caffeinated Thoughts
Deciding Who Sees Students’ Data – NYTimes.com
Obamacare Is Not A Law: It’s A New Three Letter Agency | Ben Swann Truth In Media
NHS cover-ups are not a failure of the system; they ARE the system – Telegraph Blogs
Opinion: Obamacare, shutdown are bad ideas – CNN.com
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