3 October 2013

Summary: Shutdown Day 3, Tom Clancy-RIP; Cruz & Tea Party making the leftist scream!; The Sky is Falling!; Republican Party fights within; Big News day – This one was a killer – Time to put the mouse away and find out if I still have a family!
News from The Associated Press
Lavabit Founder Waged Privacy Fight as F.B.I. Pursued Snowden – NYTimes.com
EXCLUSIVE: Less than 1 per cent of Web visitors are signing up for Obamacare on some state health exchange websites | Mail Online
Tom Clancy, Best-Selling Master of Military Thrillers, Dies at 66 – NYTimes.com
ObamaCare reg on digital patient records raises security concerns | Fox News
» Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts? Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!
Racial-profiling lawsuit ruling: Judge imposes conditions on Arpaio, Sheriff’s Office
Pelosi: We’ll Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to Conference with Senate on Immigration
Obama To Wall Street: Be Concerned, ‘This Time Is Different’
Divide and Conquer: Politico Cites Unnamed Republican Senator to Blast Cruz
Service Academy Football Games Cancelled For The ‘Optics’
Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians
Florida Employer Sues Federal Government over Obamacare
White House: Tea Party ‘Holding The Economy Hostage’
BH Interview: Penn Jillette Embraces Crowdfunding, Free Market Solutions to Censorship
8-Year-Old Points Finger Like Gun, Suspended for ‘Act Of Violence’
Senate GOP Leaders: Shutdown May Last for Weeks
Peter King: Cruz Conservatives Want to Hijack GOP
Exclusive–Park Police Recalled to Defend Memorial From Veterans
CNN Talks to 100 People in S.C. – Guess How Many Were Able to Sign Up for Obamacare Online | Video | TheBlaze.com
Rand Paul Calls Out CNN Anchor After She Declares Obamacare a GOP ‘Obsession’ and Asks Why This Offer From Democrats Isn’t ‘Enough’ | Video | TheBlaze.com
There’s a Man Running Across the Country With a Giant American Flag for Something You’ve Likely Never Heard of Before | Video | TheBlaze.com
How Long Do We Have Before Seeing Hyperinflation? One Expert’s Answer May Frighten You | TheBlaze.com
Dem Congressman on 10K+ Pages of Obamacare Regulations: ‘Is It Important That I Read It?’ | TheBlaze.com
They Seriously Just Nominated Putin for a Nobel Peace Prize? | TheBlaze.com
The Amazing Reason Glenn Beck and Rep. Louie Gohmert Immediately Paused Live Radio Interview | TheBlaze.com
Glenn Beck Irate Over Leaked Boehner Office Emails: ‘Defund the GOP’ | TheBlaze.com
There Are Those Who Say Lord Obama Has No Responsibility for Gov’t Shutdown – Hit & Run : Reason.com
Unprecedented: The Constitutional Challenge to Obamacare – Reason.com
Who Knew that National Parks Were Such a Vital National Interest? – Hit & Run : Reason.com
Let Us Be Clear: Obama Deserves Chief Responsibility for Gov’t Shutdown. – Reason.com
Robert Sarvis: Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Virginia with Double-Digit Poll Numbers – Reason.com
Virginia Election Offers a Real-World Test of Conservative Theory – Reason.com
What Obamacare Will Do For (Or To) You – Reason.com
Obamacare vs. Samaritan Health-Care Ministry: A Case Study – Reason.com
Republicans Should Convert Obamacare Into a Free-Market System – Reason.com
Government Shutdown: The Fight Is Win-Win for GOP – Reason.com
Shutdown Continues, but Obamacare Is Up and (Mostly) Running | The Nation
Where Can a Bold Pro-Choice Woman Get Elected Governor? Texas | The Nation
The Disappearing Voice of the Working Class | The Nation
The Real Hunger Games | The Nation
The Costs of the Shutdown | The Nation
Americans Think GOP’s Top Priority Is Troublemaking – NationalJournal.com
This Quote Says Everything About The GOP’s Shutdown Stand
House Republicans and the Betrayal of Democracy | Geoffrey R. Stone
Obama To Wall Street: You Should Be Scared
America’s Biggest Newspapers Slam The GOP Over Shutdown
Kent Sorenson Quits After Report On Michele Bachmann Campaign Money
Are the Republicans Crazy? No! | Kathleen Reardon
The Affordable Care Act Will Work | Sen. Jay Rockefeller
Schmooze or Lose: How the Lost Art of Negotiation Led to a Shutdown | Jack Welch
How We Got to ‘Shutdown’ | Grover Norquist
Government shutdown: Why many Republicans have no reason to deal – Alex Isenstadt – POLITICO.com
Government shutdown 2013: Deciphering who’s essential and who’s not – POLITICO.com
Government shutdown: Bobby Jindal blames ‘leaders across the board’ – Alexander Burns and James Hohmann – POLITICO.com
Opinion: The intransigents – Rich Lowry – POLITICO.com
Rand Paul’s government shutdown diplomacy – Manu Raju – POLITICO.com
Why the agriculture industry hates Chipotle – Tarini Parti and Helena Bottemiller Evich – POLITICO.com
Democrat Walsh files for Senate in Montana – James Hohmann – POLITICO.com
Shutdown puts Virginia’s GOP in a vise – Austin Wright – POLITICO.com
Government shutdown: Wall Street angry at tea party it has no influence over – MJ Lee – POLITICO.com
Government shutdown: Harry Reid: ‘I am not a criminal’ – Burgess Everett – POLITICO.com
Mike Rogers: GOP in ‘enemy’s territory’ – Tal Kopan – POLITICO.com
Antonin Scalia: Stupidity doesn’t make something illegal – Associated Press – POLITICO.com
How Steve King will kill amnesty bill
Judge orders monitor for Sheriff Joe
The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment: Is There An Ancient Mystery That Foretells America’s Future (DVD)
Here’s real reason Obama threatened Syria
Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide To The Resistance (Autographed) (Hardcover)
As more go solar, grid users forced to pay up
Expert: U.S. Gas Revolution Threatens Russian Economic Growth | Washington Free Beacon
Netanyahu Reveals a ‘State Secret’ To CBS | Washington Free Beacon
Leno Gives His Take on Government Shutdown | Washington Free Beacon
McAfee: Obamacare Is a ‘Hacker’s Wet Dream’ | Washington Free Beacon
Obama Claims He’s Kept Anti-Republican Rhetoric Down | Washington Free Beacon
Kristol Schools CNN Liberals Piers Morgan and Marc Lamont Hill on Government Shutdown | Washington Free Beacon
The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
Fifty Ways to Leave Leviathan : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
Keynesians: Sleepy? Down a Red Bull : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
Thinking Outside the Circle : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
Farm : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education
Boehner to GOP: Grand Bargain in the Works | National Review Online
Iran and the Syria Model | National Review Online
The Origins of the Origination Clause | National Review Online
Obamacare’s Privacy Nightmare | National Review Online
Thank You, Tom Clancy | National Review Online
Seedco: Obamacare’s Fraud-Stained Navigators | National Review Online
Krauthammer’s Take: Real Threat to Obama Lies With Debt Ceiling | National Review Online
The Real Debt Ceiling | National Review Online
Government Shutdowns: A History | National Review Online
Finding Out about Obamacare | National Review Online
Shutdown Problems: Brought to You by Big Government | National Review Online
100 Unintended Consequences of Obamacare | National Review Online
Powers, Separated on Purpose | National Review Online
Why Opponents Won’t Accept Obamacare | National Review Online
Obama: Transforming America | National Review Online
This Shutdown Is Just Democracy At Work | The Federalist
AP: Tea Party Has Unmoored GOP from Big Business
Republican Congressman Assaulted Outside U.S. Capitol | TheBlaze.com
‘Fiscal Crisis’: Top Eleven Uses of Violent Metaphors Against GOP
Tom Hanks Throws Support Behind Vets Storming Memorial Barricades
Shots Fired in Front of U.S. Capitol
Exclusive–104,000 Strong: Tea Party Patriots Have Record Turnout for Cruz on Tele-Townhall
Doves and peaceniks no more: These Democrats relish the role of bullies – Washington Times
WWII vets may be changing history again | Washington Times Communities
Retaining America’s liberty requires an alarmed America | Washington Times Communities
California grants driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants – Washington Times
Fred Barnes: The President’s Shutdown – WSJ.com
Schumer: No Funding for Veterans and NIH ‘Because We Have a Tea Party’ | The Weekly Standard
Minority Rules – NYTimes.com
Dems, It’s Okay to Change Your Mind on Obamacare | RealClearPolitics
Why Harry Reid Lost His Temper « Commentary Magazine
Shutdown Standoff: One of the Worst Crises in American History. | New Republic
This Shutdown Is Just Democracy At Work | The Federalist
George Will: For GOP in 2016, some medicine – The Washington Post
The Real Story of the Government Shutdown at World War II Memorial
There Are Those Who Say Lord Obama Has No Responsibility for Gov’t Shutdown – Hit & Run : Reason.com
Tom Clancy, RIP – Peggy Noonan’s Blog – WSJ
John Boehner: Obama owns this shutdown now
Stand Pat | The Weekly Standard
RealClearWorld – President Obama Has Demoted Liberty
Tunisia’s Government Falls, Arab Democracy Is Born – Bloomberg
RealClearPolicy – What the Arms Trade Treaty Actually Says
The real crisis behind America’s ‘shutdown’ – Telegraph
Next time, Democrats will take your doctor hostage | RedState
Democrats’s Shutdown Is Refusal To Face The American People | RedState
Ted Cruz & Mike Lee: Commanders of the Conservative Army | RedState
How the Democrats got us to a shutdown | RedState
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